January 1, 2020

What Happens If I Was Injured On-The-Job Due to the Negligence of Someone Other Than an Employer or Co-Worker?

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If an injured worker was injured due to the negligence of someone other than the employer or co-worker, a “third-party” claim is possible.  The injured worker can receive workers’ compensation benefits while pursuing a claim against the third party.  Any third-party recovery is subject to a lien by the Department and/or the Self-Insured Employer, but attorney fees and costs are allowed (RCW 51.24.060(2)).  It is possible to achieve full compensation for the injured worker’s full range of general and special damages through a viable third-party claim.


Temporary Agricultural Workers and Employers Rights Video

The Washington Department of Labor and Industries has created a video that provides information about workplace rights, safety, and health to H-2A workers when they arrive in Washington.

An H-2A worker is a temporary agricultural worker.

The video focuses on protecting workers’ rights, helping workers avoid injuries and illnesses, and ensuring they receive medical care and financial assistance if they become ill or injured on the job.

The video can be found on the L&I website at:

or on YouTube at: