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Can an Injured Worker Receive Mileage Reimbursement For Claim Related Travel?

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The Department or Self-Insured employer will reimburse an injured worker for some claim related travel expenses. According to WAC 296-20-1103, travel expense is reimbursed as follows: (1) The department or self-insurer will reimburse travel expense incurred by workers for: (a) Examinations at department’s or self-insurer’s request; (b) Approved vocational retraining […]

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Workers’ Compensation Coverage To Include Quarantined Health Workers/First Responders 

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Inslee Announces Workers’ Compensation Coverage To Include Quarantined Health Workers/First Responders In a press release dated March 5, 2020 on Governor’s official website, Governor Inslee’s office advised: “Today, Gov. Jay Inslee and Joel Sacks, director of the Washington Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) announced that the state is taking […]

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Temporary Agricultural Workers and Employers Rights Video

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The Washington Department of Labor and Industries has created a video that provides information about workplace rights, safety, and health to H-2A workers when they arrive in Washington. An H-2A worker is a temporary agricultural worker. The video focuses on protecting workers’ rights, helping workers avoid injuries and illnesses, and […]

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Can an Injured Worker Receive Both Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Benefits and Worker’s Compensation Benefits at the Same Time?

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Yes, under certain conditions. An injured worker must be unable to work for 12 continuous months before they are eligible for SSDI benefits. If the injured worker qualifies for both SSDI and workers’ compensation benefits, the maximum combined benefit is 80% of the injured worker’s highest average monthly wage during […]

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Can I Choose My Own Physician?

Yes.  Injured workers are allowed to see any physician they choose as long as the physician is a network provider and is conveniently located. (RCW 51.36.010(2)(a)).  Sometimes an employer may encourage or direct their employee to see a particular provider, but the worker is not required to see a particular […]

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